Now, That’s What We Call A Peak Delhi Moment: Man Rides Buffalo With A Bunny Helmet

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Last Updated: December 13, 2023, 14:58 IST

The video has gathered over one lakh likes. (Image Credits: Instagram)

The video has gathered over one lakh likes. (Image Credits: Instagram)

The video was posted online by an Instagram user called Bull Rider.

The rising cost of petrol has often caught the attention of the public. The petrol prices in Delhi stand tall at Rs 96.72. A person has responded to this skyrocketing price by ditching his vehicle and instead picking up a bull as his means of transport. This stunt was done by a content creator who goes by the name Bull Rider. He has 53,000 Instagram followers and he routinely makes videos of riding a bull on busy roads alongside cars and other vehicles. Now in one of his videos in which he is wearing a funky rabbit-themed helmet, the ‘Bull Rider’ was seen galloping on a busy intersection with his bull. In the video, the people around him are curiously inspecting him as some even record his video.

This clip has gathered over one lakh likes since it was posted on November 24. Despite the hype, many people took to the comments to highlight that bull riding just for the sake of content creation amounts to animal cruelty. Echoing this view, a person wrote, “Bulls are not for you to sit. Stop abusing animals.” Expressing a similar opinion, another person wrote, “Respect all animals”

In May, a video from Rishikesh in Uttarakhand went viral that showed a young man riding a bull on the streets of Tapovan. The man who appears to be drunk almost collided with a scooter before moving past it. After this video went viral, the Uttarakhand Police identified the offender. The law enforcement agency posted on X, “Taking cognizance of the video circulated on social media about a drunk youth riding on a bull in Tapovan, Rishikesh, late at night on May 5, legal action has been taken against the youth, and the youth was warned not to misbehave with animals in this way in the future.”

In July 2022, a video created a buzz on social media that showed a man riding a horse on a rain-soaked road in Mumbai city while carrying a Swiggy bag. The video prompted Swiggy to launch a search for the person riding the horse with their bag. The person who helps in identifying the horse rider was promised cash reward of Rs 5,000

A few days later, the Swiggy revealed that the horse rider was a 17-year-old boy named Sushant who had borrowed the Swiggy bag from someone else. As per Swiggy, Sushant “helps out at a stable in Mumbai, where he is a horse courier i.e. he takes care of dressing horses for the wedding procession.” The horse’s stable was very close to where the video was shot. A man named Avi claimed the Rs 5,000 reward money, as promised by Swiggy.

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